Outdoor Arts

In a career spanning thirty years Chris has been touring nationally and internationally as musician, performer, Musical Director and Tour Manager with a number of acclaimed companies including:

Inner Sense Percussion, Manchester.  A seminal street band, one of the first to bring the carnival music of Brazil to the feet and hearts of the people in the UK. Chris was a founder member of this brilliant band which started life on the streets of Manchester and went on to tour the world, performing and sharing its love of music in Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, Gaza and the West Bank, Singapore and Uzbekistan, all enabled through the support of the British Council.


Inner Sense Percussion playing at a festival in Munich.


Harmonic Fields, Dorset.

Lieux Public, Marseille.  Chris performed as a Wind Shepherd…L’Esprit Du Vent, in ‘Harmonic Fields’ a symphonic work for 500 wind instruments and a moving audience, in Cumbria, Dorset and Marseille.

Watch a video clip

Mariachoo, Manchester/Mexico. Chris and Garth are a strolling, serenading Mariachi-style duo; a hopeful romantic on guitar and a giant amigo on ukelele. Performing songs old and new with humour and charm, their harmonies soften the hardest of hearts and bring a smile to anybody who listens.

choo 3

Serenade and Pose.


Lamplighter Festival Todmorden.

Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, Manchester/New Orleans.  Chris plays soprano saxophone with this already legendary anarchic street theatre extravaganza. Bursting with colour and sound, they ignite impromptu raves by playing ’90s dance classics in the style of a New Orleans jazz band.


Beatherder Festival.

Whalley Range Allstars, Manchester.  One of the UK’s leading street theatre companies, Chris has toured extensively with them as performer, musician, pig-farmer and Musical Director in shows:

  • ‘Bedcases’  an intimate and vivid 10-minute show for five audience members who are tucked up in an oversized four-poster bed and who then experience a 3D bedtime story; striking imaginative visuals and plenty of surprises unfold with the fuzzy logic of a dream.


  • ‘Pig’  an eye-catching installation and show, featuring a 9m-long sleeping sow in a pen. You see her snuffling, opening and closing her eyes and hear her snoring. A farmhand invites ten people at a time into the pen to take a peek at a 10-minute unexpected piece of theatre inside her belly.


  • ‘Imaginary Friends’  performed by ten people and their dopplegangers. Designed for busy public spaces, the show combines narrative with group improvisation, choreography, singing and theatrical set pieces.


Watch a video clip of ‘Imaginary Friends’ from the Stockton International Riverside Festival


“We’ve worked regularly with Chris for the last fourteen years; we tour a lot and he’s exactly the sort of person you’d want to tour with – reliable, funny, professional with an iPod stuffed with good music. He composed a set of lovely choral pieces for our outdoor show ‘Imaginary Friends’, he patiently taught ten people how to sing them and thus added a beautiful extra dimension to the piece.”

Edward Taylor and Sue Auty – Whalley Range Allstars


Gardener and Imaginary Friend.